Latvian Women Average Height

Latvian women are known as the largest woman in the world. People who want to know about Latvian Women Average Height can read this post. The country is located in Northern Europe. And like other people of the country here is also the people have specific looks and physical appearances. Here we will take a closer look at the Latvian Women’s Average Height. The height of the people is depending upon their diet, physical activities, genes, and environmental factors. The people of Latvia have a unique look and height.

Latvian Women Average Height

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), The average height of Latvian women is 167.8 cm (5.5 Feet). Here the women are the tallest compared to the other countries. Below we will discuss the factors which affect the height of people.

Latvian Women Average Height

Factors Influencing Height:


Genes play a very important role in the height of human beings. If the height of the parents is tall. Then there are 90% changes the children will be tall. And this is the main reason for the height of the women in Latvian.


A healthy diet is compulsory for a normal height. Height is also dependent on nutrition. If there is a lack of nutrition from childhood then the height will be small as compared to normal children.

Environmental Factors:

Environmental factors like access to clean water and health care facilities. If the people have access to healthcare then have a chance to a better height like the Latvians. Also get some idea about Average Male Height California.

WHO gives the results of Latvian Women’s Average Height and which is 5.5 Feet. WHO is a health organization working in different countries to improve the health of the people.

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