How To Treat Pink Eye at Home

Here we are sharing How To Treat Pink Eye at Home? We have seen many of the people that have pink eye, they really get bothered up when they can’t get rid of this pink eye. If they want to go to a party then they cannot go because of this pink eye, they cannot face other people because of this problem in their eyes. It is one of the eye infections and here we are sharing with you the ways to treat eye infections. If you want to treat this problem by making use of the home remedies then you can do that, here we will be explaining to you that how to treat pink eye with home remedies. Follow these simple remedies and make your eyes devoid of this pink spot. So, scroll down to check the steps that can be used to prevent your eyes.

How To Treat Pink Eye at Home

Here are some ways that can be used to treat the Pink Eye at home. These are very easy ways and you can cure this infection at home. So, follow the steps that are given in the post below, and hopefully, it would have a good result.


There are the following ways that can be used to prevent pink eye.

1. Cold Water Use

You can splash your eyes with cold water, it will decrease the pain and also the discomfort. You can also make use of the cold press, it will bring relief.

How To Treat Pink Eye at Home

2. Boric Powder Use

It has effective bacteria-fighting chemicals, you need 300 ml cold water and then mix 2 tbsp boric powder, splash your eyes, and then put a cloth over your eyes, and you will get relief.

3. Cold and Hot Compresses Use

You can use the cold compress, just apply it for 5 minutes, you can too use the hot compress, just apply it for 2 minutes and then you will get comfort from this pink eye. Just try it right now.

4. Tea Bags

They have antioxidants, they can soothe the eye nerves, use the tea bags that were in the refrigerator, put them over the pink eye, and get the healing from conjunctivitis. This remedy is also suggested by the doctors too! It is important topo know that Eyelash Glue for Sensitive Eyes.

5. Honey Use

You have to combine 3 tbsp honey along with 20 ml water, just dip a cotton cloth and then squeeze it over the eyes. Now repeat this 4-5 times and then you can treat conjunctivitis. You can just try out this simple remedy right now if you have this problem.

6. Potato Juice

It is seen that the enzymes in the potato juice can reduce redness in the pink eyes. You have to grind a medium-sized potato without adding water, squeeze out the mashed potato, the juice will come out, apply it to your eyes.

So, here How To Treat Pink Eye at Home? are given. Hopefully, you got the maximum information to save yourself from it. If at any time, you feel that your eyes have been started getting pink spots then you can follow these simple remedies, they will work for you for sure. Use these methods and let us know about their results.

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