How To Get Really Curly Hair With A Curling Iron

Check out here for How To Get Really Curly Hair With A Curling Iron. Many of us make use of curling iron to get perfect curls but many of us fail to get that perfect and 100% best-looking curls because we do not know the correct use of curling iron. Here we will let you know How To Get Really Curly Hair With A Curling Iron, with the help of these simple steps, we are sure you will be able to get perfect-looking curls, just try out this method. You have to heat up the curling iron. Just turn on the curling iron and then heat it to 320 degrees if you have fine hair and you can heat it to 430 degrees if you have thicker hair.

How To Get Really Curly Hair

  • Then you have to brush your hair thoroughly and wholly. You have to make sure there should be no tangles, it is to make sure that your hair should be completely dry just before you get start with them to have curls. You can too blow dry any of the damp sections.




  • Then you have to apply a heat protectant on your hair. It is sprayed onto dry hair and then the heat protectant will form this kind of buffer between your locks and this iron and it will also add shine and it will prevent damage at high temperatures.
  • Then you have to separate your hair into equal sections, these sections should be about 2–3 inches wide, and you have to make three-four sections right from the bottom to exactly the crown of your head. You have to separate the sections by using clips.



  • Now you can squeeze the curling iron, place it near the top of a section of hair and make the curls now. You have to manually wrap this entire section of your hair just around the iron rod. Make sure that you clamp your hair inside this iron for 10 seconds. Now, you are all done, you have to follow this same process by making the remaining curls of your hair.

Now, you know how to get really curly hair with a curling iron, let us know your feedback too, and stay tuned. You have to do the experiment in order to find out the right and correct temperature for you. You should go with the lowest temperature; it will not damage your hair.

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