Guava Leaf Tea Recipe Benefits For Weight Loss

Do you know that Guava Leaf Tea Recipe Benefits for Weight Loss? If not then here we are sharing with you the benefits of the Guava leaf tea. Normally all those who are suffering from excessive weight gain make the first way into the gym and do hard exercises to lose weight in the quickest terms. But they are not aware of the reality that real treatment of the weight loss is present right inside their home. We are sharing with you one of the most underrated things that can be used to lose weight that is guava leaves. There are several ways to consume these leaves and one of the best ways is to make its tea and then drink it which is very helpful. Now get the Guava leaves tea benefits that are given below.

Guava Leaf Tea Recipe Benefits Weight Loss

The important benefits along with the preparation method of different types of guava leaf tea are given below. So, check the fact When should we drink guava leaf tea?

Benefits of Guava Leaves Tea:

It is rich in the amount of vitamin C as it has a content of 5x more than that of the one that is present in the orange, carotenoids, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and even iron. Now learn about the benefits that are mentioned below.

  • The guava leaf has been mentioned to be effective in terms of killing different strains of bacteria adding the names of Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, and Escherichia coli. Its excessive intake will go to stop diarrhea. They even contain some amount of carotenoids, flavonoids, and other phytochemicals.
  • If you replace guava leaves tea with other drinks like soft drinks then you will be able to lose more weight.
  • It has a very low sugar content that is very good in terms of losing weight.
  • Drinking guava leaf tea for eight weeks helps lower the cholesterol level.
  • It also prevents the complex carbs in your body from turning to sugars that results in a good weight loss.
  • They are also beneficial for your skin if you drink with a proper plan.

Guava Leaf Tea Benefits Weight Loss

Guava Leaf Tea Recipes For Weight Loss:

After describing the benefits, lets talk about how to prepare guava leaf tea recipe. how to use guava leaves for flat tummy. Below the procedure is given that you can follow to make it.

1. Dried Guava Leaves Tea Recipe:

In the study about guava leaf tea benefits weight loss, you must be aware f making a perfect tea. For making dried guava leaves tea you have to take dried guava leaves about 15-30 grams and water about 150-300 ml. You have to boil the dried guava leaves in the water and drink the water soon it gets to boil. It will help you in losing weight in just the least time period of one month.

Dried Guava Leaf Tea

2. Fresh Guava Leaves Tea Recipe:

For this recipe, you have to take 12 sheets of fresh guava leaves along with 1/2 cup cooking water and salt and honey. After washing the fresh guava leaves you have to add them with the cooking water and salt. Allow it to get boil for 15 minutes and drink it by adding honey to it.

Fresh Guava Leaves Tea

3. Guava Iced Tea Recipe:

If you want to know guava leaf tea recipe for weight loss, then you can also know about its flavors. guava iced tea for 6 people then you have to take 6 cups water with almost 6 organic black tea bags plus 1 (14-ounce) package of Goya Guava Fruit Pulp and lastly 1/3 cup raw honey. After boiling the water you have to add tea bags to it. Now, steep it up for 4 minutes you have to pour the tea into a bowl and then add honey to it. After it gets warm add Guava Pulp and let it melt into the tea.

Guava Iced Tea

To make yourself slim and perfect in body shape. Here we are giving you the golden chance to lose weight on quick terms. Start drinking guava leaf tea benefits weight loss. Right now and make everyone surprise with the sudden change in your weight. So, this is all about Guava Leaf Tea Recipe Benefits in Weight Loss. Hopefully, you liked this post. Now use this and let us know about drinking it.

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