Permanent Eyeliner Styles for Hooded Eyes

Here just get and grab this golden chance to have a look at the Permanent Eyeliner Styles for Hooded Eyes. And eyeliner style for the other eyes is also given on this post. If you have hooded eyes then you can try Tightline, Thin line along the lash line, Winged eyeliner and Smudged eyeliner You have large eyes then make sure that you have to try out some of the different kinds of eyeliner styles and here at this page, you will be able to get to know about Permanent Eyeliner Styles for Hooded Eyes:

Permanent Eyeliner Styles for Hooded Eyes

Hooded Eyes Eyeliner Style:

Tightline is the best technique for the hooded eyes. In this technique you can apply eyeliner between the eye lashes and the eyes. By this it will make the illusion of bigger and open eyes fully.

Cat Eyeliner Styles

You can for sure try out this trend of get this cat eyeliner style if you have big shape and almond shape eyes! What you need to do is that you have to start applying it right with a thin line and then after this you have to get start with it filling right at the very end of your eye. Have a look at Best Eyeshadow Color

60s Eyeliner Style

You can too be getting that 60’s Eyeliner if you have big shape eyes! Do not ever and ever think that this style will ever become old and also out of fashion, just keep in mind that this 60s eyeliner style will all the time look perfect on you. You just have to apply thick kind of stylish liner right from the start to that very ending corner of your big and large size eye.

Fishtail Eyeliner Style

Fishtail Eyeliner also comes in the section of one of the impressive style of wearing the eye liner. You just have to make that sleek and simple tail of your eyeliner and this is all!


Retro Eyeliner Style

Retro Eyeliner can also give you a real and classy of its kind of gorgeous look! You can make use of liquid and also shiny black liner and you can also make use of vibrant colors if you want to have an awesome look while trying this eyeliner style. Just go for this style if you have large eyes.

Winged Eyeliner Style

Winged Eyeliner is a kind of style, in which a curve will be just made right from the center of your lid. You too have to keep in mind the very end of your curve has to be made thicker. So that a dramatic look can be gained by you.
Just try these Permanent Eyeliner Styles for Hooded Eyes; we have also put up all of the pictures. You have to give us your feedback too. About the eyeliner style you keep from the above given styles.


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