How To Apply Mineral Powder Foundation Properly

If you don’t know How To Apply Mineral Powder Foundation Properly then read this post. These days women are getting much more conscious about applying mineral makeup because it is hence coming out to be the best option in the category of traditional makeup. Mineral makeup products are not added with any single percentage of the chemicals that would be giving your skin some breakouts and allergy sort of impression. Most women are not aware of the method for applying the mineral powder foundation easily. Well for all those women who don’t know How To Apply Mineral Powder Foundation Properly. Keep reading this post. We are sure that this article will be much informative for sure!

How To Apply Mineral Powder Foundation


Step No 1: Prepare Your Skin for Mineral Foundation:


You should first clean up your skin in order to make it completely prepared for the mineral foundation application. As you are done with the cleansing you should allow the skin to rest for about 4 minutes to move to the next step. If you do have sensitive skin then you should opt for the use of a gentle exfoliator.

How To Apply Mineral Powder Foundation Properly

Step no 2: Moisturize your Face:


In the next step, you will be going to moisturize the skin. This will be helping you at your best in order to let the makeup stay on the face for a long time. After the application, you should keep the product settle into your skin for ten minutes. If you have an oily skin tone then you should opt to apply the mineral-based makeup primer in addition to your moisturizer.

Step No 3: Apply Mineral Concealer:


In the next step, you will be starting to apply the mineral concealer to dark spots and blemishes. This will be helping out the skin grab some additional coverage for dark spots along with red patches, and blemishes. To apply it you should make use of some concealer brush. Hence you should be applying several light layers of concealer to the area. You should be applying the green mineral concealer to red patches of skin and the yellow mineral concealer to mask dark circles.

How To Apply Mineral Powder Foundation Properly

Step No 4: Apply Mineral Foundation With Kabuki Brush:


Now you should load up your kabuki brush with mineral foundation. This is the special brush that has been designed in order to buff on the mineral makeup in large as well as circular motions.

Step No 5: Buff Mineral Foundation Onto Your Skin:


In the last and final step, you will be going to buff the mineral foundation onto your skin. You will be applying the foundation in a circular motion. Try to apply it in such a way that it gives complete coverage to the skin. Don’t miss out on applying the mineral foundation on the areas of your ears, eyelids as well as neck, and underneath your chin. Hope you got the answer to the How To Apply Mineral Powder Foundation.

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