What To Wear To An Interview That you would Love

So we are to show you What To Wear To An Interview in this article.

Going for that dream job interview ? well apart from your CV Preparations , rehearsal and any other tips or Tricks you possibly might have heard or read about having a successful job interview, your dress code holds 70% chances of you getting that job, yes! read that again, what you wear to an interview is very much important as getting the job itself.

You have to dress properly before going to an interview that is why we provided this guideline What To Wear To An Interview to help you.

You would be addressed the way you dress

I am a fan of the popular adage – “you would be address the way you dress”; but hold up, would you be address as the CEO, cleaner or probably the errand boy ? that leads up to this article, What To Wear To An Interview ?

In this article we would share 7 helpful Tips on What To Wear To An Interview, this tips would cut across almost all kinds of job interviews you might ever think of, these tips are not based on sentiments nor illogical reasoning but from solid research. Scroll through and see What To Wear To An Interview.

7 What To Wear To An Interview that you would love

7 What To Wear To An Interview that you would love

1. Do your Homework

Don’t go for any job interview without a proper background check about the company, this has a vast effect on how you dress to the interview, for instance, business institutions like banks, travel agents / company, real estate management, marketing firms etc. requires a cooperate style of dressing.

However fin-tech companies, customer care service organization etc. wouldn’t care for a cooperate dress code in an interview, they would prefer you keep it simple and clean.

2. Dress decently

Your job interview is not the run-way, nor a place for you to sample your attires, keep it simple, clean and decent, do not wear gowns that are too skimpy or skirts are too short, generally do not wear something above your kneel. some cloths are explicit or sexually provocative , most Hiring Managers do not tolerate this in any form, while some are revealing. if this set of cloths is what you have in your wardrobe , i think its time to get a new cloth for your interview, or you can simply let the job go !

Truth is – “You can always get any kind of job dressing decently“.

3. Make sure you wear what gives you confidence

Your dress should give you full confidence, it mustn’t command authority but at least boost your moral to that level, where you are quite sure you are getting the job.

A logical illustration of this is wearing neat pair of shoes, well polished – the brand doesn’t really matter, trust me no one looks at it, wearing fitted gowns, skirts or trousers and also honoring the dress code laws.

If you are quite religious, i think its time to keep it out for some time – on certain conditions.

For instance – if you are a Muslim please be watchful of the company’s background, most company’s do not allow hijabs and UN-shaved beards, knowing the company’s ethics and standards of operation gives you that self confidence you need to face any HR.

4. Do not wear too make up or accessories

Easy with the make ups or accessories, sometimes you might constitute distractions while trying to look attractive, for instance – shoulder-length earrings, bangles and bracelet might constitute distractions when you gesture with your hands during the interview.

5. Put the perfume away

take your bath, shave, wear neat cloths and that’s almost all you need, do not be tempted to bath yourself with perfumes be it expensive or not, sometimes your HR Manager might get irritated by your scent, and that’s a bad catch to start with.

6. Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key, you don’t need overly priced shoes , wristwatch, belt nor suite for an interview, if you don’t have a simple outfit, don’t borrow an expensive one, forget about the big brands, keep it simple and you are on your way to getting that job.

7. Your hairstyle defines you

put your self in this scenario : you are an HR manager in a big fin-tech company or a perhaps in a bank, “knock Knock ” at the door, “come in your reply“, and boom a man with a green color hair tint appears before you, definitely you might be provoked even if you act cool, time is important, and you are more likely to think that the person is there to waste your time.
Same goes to female, wigs and weavon should be well combed with the right colors fitting your outfit.

In all, be free, choose wisely, certain jobs brings life saving opportunities you can ever think of, we don’t have to toss it away over neglecting some dressing rules.

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