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10 Amazing Long Bob Haircut you should try out this year


In this article we have written all you need to know about Long Bob Haircut .

A long bob haircut can be said to be a bob cut close to the shoulders. Also known to as a lob, it is one of the most famous bob hairstyles because it flatters some face shapes and hairstyles.

They are ranging from curls, asymmetric cuts, deep parts, and waves. There are lots of cuts and styling choices for a long bob in 2020!

The best part of this haircut, they are so easy to style and wear anywhere.

Try it, make it, rock it, and be ready to say “Thank you” for all the praises it will bring!

  • What is Long Bob Haircut?
  • What is a long bob haircut called?
  • What is the difference between a bob and a lob haircut?
  • What are the different types of bob haircuts?
  • What is a shaggy bob?

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10 Amazing Long Bob Haircut

1. Sharp Long Angled Bob

Long Bob Haircut
Long Bob Haircut

The sharply angled long bob hairstyle is high drama and high style. It’s certainly the popular cut for right now. Cutting the long bobs at the angles creates special dimensions and movements.

2. Naturally Curly Bob

Long Bob Haircut

This a fabulous and easy curly bob cut will let you be proud of your natural curls and texture! It needs deficient maintenance and low styling.

3. Fabulous Bob for black hair

This bob is for black hair; they are so easy to maintain. And you would be surprised at the fabulous look it will create on you.

4. Asymmetrical Long Bob

This long bob got its inquietude from the front pieces at are a little bit longer than the rest of the layered strands, about two and a half inches. But the peekaboo blond highlights that shape the face and lighter make it trendy, but incredibly flattering. It keeps hair soft and touchable with smooth styling creams.

5. Graduated Long Bob Cut

When it’s styled straight, a graduated, extended bob cut gives an impression of a grown out bob that happens to be effortlessly chic. To take the moderate ‘do to the next level, keep the stresses dyed in a solid color or attempt an actual subtle balayage.

6. Long A-line with Ombre

Styles that have uneven lengths are so cool to rock. You get the simplicity of short hair, while still having it long enough to tuck behind your ears. The ombre effect is skilfully done. Not only are the point moves, but the tone is just right.

7. Textured Lob with Highlights

Here’s an epitome of today’s most famous style, a textured longer lob with babylights and highlights a little lighter than the base color. This ‘do makes your mane experience healthy and fresh, your complexion looks brighter and warmer, your overall look trendy and stylish!

8. Tousled Streamlined Brown Lob

It’s simple to wear your long bob cut. Part your medium-length hair a bit off-center and tousle to show the layers. The subtle highlights center attention to the feathery ends, and the inverted shape makes it appear classic.

9. Wavy Lob Shag

If you’re a lady with fine-thick tresses who’s searching for an edgy urban style, you’ll acknowledge this wavy lob hair cut. The shaggy, wavy locks land directly on the shoulders with a natural bounce. The waves are messy all over for a full-bodied shape.

10. Razored Bronde Lob with White Ends

Fine hair shows lush and full of the body when cutting and styling into a shaggy lob cut that appears in all your natural waves—the bronde balayage attribute bright white ends as a sudden twist on beach blonde hair.

What is a long bob haircut called?

A lob or long bob is a type of haircut and a variant of the bob cut. The length can be between long hair and a bob cut. The lob is cut just up above the shoulders, at shoulder level, or just below.

What is the difference between a bob and a lob haircut?

What is a lob? It’s a bit longer version of a bob, where the length settles just above your shoulders. Earl Simms, Kerluxe Celebrity Stylist, says, “The lob is such a famous style because it is an extreme look, and yet you won’t have to commit to having short or long hair.”

What are the different types of bob haircuts?

There are a lot of names for various type of bob haircuts. Including, but not limited to, Inverted, Graduated, Reversed, A-line, Stacked, Lob, Pob. Textured, Blended, Asymmetric, Broken, Pageboy, Layered, Shoulder, Angled, Castle.

What is a shaggy bob?

A shaggy bob is a haircut created using the razor cut technique to add choppy ends and textured layers that can be asymmetrical or blunt.