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5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Uziza Leaves And Seeds


Health Benefits Of Uziza Leaves And Seeds

The surprising health benefits of uziza leaves and seeds can not be overemphasized. Uziza leaves and seeds are strong herbs typically are found in Igbo soups and other delicious delicacies in West Africa. The fresh leaves are often green in colour while the dry leaf is dark green; an uziza seed tastes peppery, which is often described as hot pepper spices.

Spices are essential to meals; they’re the taste of each meal. Uziza leaves, and seed’s health benefits are the following; It has numerous important enzymes, molecules, and other essential nutrients that your body wants to build cells. It repairs worn-out tissues along with cleansing our body system. Certainly, uziza leaf and seed spices not just add tastes to your meals but also give our body with plenty of essential materials to work with.

Although, Uziza can also be referred to as Piper Guineese and Guinean pepper over West Africa, even in Nigeria, where it is cultivated plenty. It has many names like Kukauabe, Benin pepper, Guinea cubeb, false cubeb, and Ashanti pepper in various parts of West Africa.

The many health benefits of Uziza leaves and seeds will mainly get from leaves ‘nutritional value. This African superfood has a huge level of vitamins and minerals, and these are only some of the nutritional benefits present in Uziza leaves and seeds:

  • Peptides
  • Tannins
  • Phenols
  • Saponins
  • Flavonoids
  • Steroids
  • Alkaloids
  • Dietary fiber
  • Protein
  • Alkaloids
  • Essential oils
  • Glycosides

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5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Uziza Leaves And Seeds

Africans all through the continent has now been reaping the health benefits uziza leaves and seeds for ages, for centuries, and these are a few of the main benefits you need to be aware of:

1. Help Prevents Cancer

Free radicals are important for cancerous growth in the human cells; it has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants. Eating Uziza regularly, the free radicals are likely to be neutralized, and the risk of the body developing cancerous cells will be lessened.

2.Treats Diarrhea

Health Benefits Of Uziza Leaves And Seeds
Health Benefits Of Uziza Leaves And Seeds

Uziza leaves have antibacterial minerals that are powerful in fighting diarrhea-causing micro-organisms in the intestine. Therefore, adding Uziza spice when put into meals serves as the best preventive measure against diarrhea.

3. It Helps Prevent Constipation

Many times, constipation may happen as a result of not having enough roughage inside our food. Roughages are exactly an indigestible part of the food; it’s dietary fiber. These fibers help for quick bowel movements that may equally stop constipation.

uziza leaves are full of dietary fiber. Every time you add uziza to your meal, be confident that it will guide and help keep constipation away from your system.

4. Relieving coughs

While uziza leaves have a significantly peppery taste, they’re a good remedy to ease common coughs and sicknesses. The most effective way to ease a cough should be to grind up the uziza leaves and place the grounded leaves right into a cup just before adding boiled water. You will then allow the drink to rest for around ten minutes and then drink it while still warm.

5. Relieve stomachache

Health Benefits Of Uziza Leaves And Seeds
Health Benefits Of Uziza Leaves And Seeds

Eating Uziza leaves will be good for the digestive tract. Sometimes, we have problems with a stomachache when there is something very wrong with the digestive system. In cases like this, uziza leaves won’t just fix the digestion problems but additionally relieve the aching effectively. uziza leaves may also be powerful in relieving the menstrual stomach cramps.

What is uziza seed used for?

They are native to tropical regions of Central and Western Africa and are semi-cultivated in countries like Nigeria, wherein the leaves called uziza is used as a flavouring for stews.

What is Uziza seed called in Yoruba?

It is called ‘Iyere’ between the Yoruba tribe.