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7 Incredible Health Benefits Of Nutmeg


Health Benefits Of Nutmeg

In this post, we would be writing some of the health benefits of nutmeg.

Nutmeg has existed for several years now, and it has been useful for several purposes since then. Nutmeg is used by numerous Nigerians to cook different delicacies. The botanical name of nutmeg is Myristica fragrans.

Although nutmeg is useful for its flavour, some of the properties present in this ancient spice include Iron, Vitamin A, Potassium, Manganese, Vitamin B, Copper, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Niacin, and Calcium.

In this article below, we have written the health benefits of nutmeg:

  • Can we take nutmeg daily?
  • Is nutmeg good or bad for you?
  • Is nutmeg good for your stomach?

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7 Incredible Health Benefits Of Nutmeg

1. Detoxifies the Liver and Kidney

Health Benefits Of Nutmeg
Health Benefits Of Nutmeg

The liver and kidney are one of many vital organs of the body. Any toxic substances from environmental pollution, medication, foods, etc. can harm these organs significantly and expose them to chronic diseases. This is one reason you always need to detoxify your liver, mainly using natural products.

But, if you are looking for a natural method to clear toxic substances kidney and liver, nutmeg is the right choice for you. It will require thorough cleansing when ingested, and therefore protecting the liver and kidney from certain diseases.

2. Helps Relieve Pain

Nutmeg has anti-inflammatory properties that may help ease pain and discomfort. This spice has chemicals such as eugenol, elemicin, safrole, and myristicin, which makes it helpful for treating pain. These chemicals are present in the oil of nutmeg. The benefits of nutmeg oil include treating inflammation, pains, muscle spasms, swelling, sores, and joint pain.

3. Helps Treat Bad Breath

Health Benefits Of Nutmeg
Health Benefits Of Nutmeg

Bad breath is an overload toxin in your body. Nutmeg is known to possess antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and it will help clean your system. One of the essential oils present in nutmeg is eugenol, which could help relieve a toothache. Macelignan, a chemical present in nutmeg, might help stop cavities.

4. Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels

Using nutmeg in appropriate quantities indicates to reduce cholesterol levels as well. This spice has got the property of reducing hypolipidemic effects that help set off a rise in cholesterol levels.

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5. Nutmeg for Hair Growth

Health Benefits Of Nutmeg
Health Benefits Of Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a good organic product for hair growth as well. The antimicrobial properties that it has can help in keeping the scalp clean and stop dandruff. Numerous over-the-counter shampoos have nutmeg as the bottom ingredient, and you can get this, or you may make your own } hair remedy with coconut oil, honey, and nutmeg powder.

6. Helps in Brain Activity

Health Benefits Of Nutmeg
Health Benefits Of Nutmeg

Nutmeg works being an aphrodisiac, meaning it could stimulate the nerve cells in the brain. The chemicals in this spice might help release feel-good hormones within the body, which often has a calming effect on you. Because it boosts your mood and works as a tonic, nutmeg is a good choice to treat stress.

7. Nutmeg for Weight Loss

Health Benefits Of Nutmeg
Health Benefits Of Nutmeg

Nutmeg helps in supporting weight loss as well. It will also help your body remove toxins, and the digestive properties that it has aid in increasing metabolism, therefore helping with weight loss.

Can we take nutmeg daily?

Based on the case studies from the Illinois Poison Center, even 10 grams (around two teaspoons) of nutmeg is sufficient to cause signs of toxicity. At doses of 50 grams or even more, those symptoms become more serious.

Is nutmeg good or bad for you?

Though nutmeg is unexpected to cause damage when used in small quantities, taking it in high doses might cause adverse side effects. It provides the compounds myristicin and safrole. When ingested in considerable amounts, they can cause symptoms such as hallucinations and lack of muscle coordination.

Is nutmeg good for your stomach?

Nutmeg is known to own medicinal properties that may treat stomach ulcers and aid indigestion. Many people add this spice to food since it helps with easy digestion.