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The 5 Incredible Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola

Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola
Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola

In this article post, we would be writing the 5 incredible health benefits of bitter kola.

It’s said that the best medicines come with a bitter taste, Apparently, bitter kola is one of them.

The use of bitter kola is not limited by traditional activities alone. In fact, the seeds, fruits, nuts, and bark of the plant have been useful for centuries in folk medicine to cure ailments from coughs to fever.

Things you need to know;

  • Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola?
  • Is Bitter Kola good for high blood pressure patients?
  • Can you swallow bitter kola?
  • Is Bitter Kola good for the heart?
  • Does bitter kola help sexually?

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5 Incredible Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola

Check below, some of the incredible Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola.

1. Bitter kola helps to improve the immune system

Bitter kola supplies the immune system with the required supports in order to protect one from attacks of harmful toxins and powerful immune response against strange particles.

These high levels of antioxidants present in bitter kola do not only help fight bacterial and other illnesses, additionally, but it also helps the body to improve its immunity levels.

2. Bitter kola helps the proper functioning of the lungs

The fibers and lung tissues aren’t only strengthened when bitter kola is eaten regularly in a considerate amount, it also supports any other counter effect.

Furthermore, it can help in the maintenance of a good respiratory tract along with treating chest cold. It includes a favorably high antioxidant content for a healthy body.

Bitter kola’s benefit to lung properties is related to its high antioxidant content. Well, if you are a smoker or perhaps a passive smoker, definitely bitter kola may be the cure.

3. It is an anti-malaria agent

Research shows that hat chemical component in bitter kola has anti-malarial properties. This is the reason traditional healers have for several years prescribed bitter kola for the treating of malaria infections.

4. It fights glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition of the increased pressure inside the eyeball, resulting in a gradual loss of sight.

Glaucoma could lead to permanent blindness if left untreated.

But, bitter kola has been found to be an incredible solution for the eye.

And based on a Lagos University Teaching Hospital journal, when bitter kola is consumed, at least twice per day, it might successfully reduce the eye pressure.

5. It improves sexual potency

Research shows that as it pertains to the improvement of sexual performance, mainly among men, bitter kola is royalty.

Bitter Kola does not just increase sexual drive, it also improves the sexual performance of men who eat it.

And in other to work, it’s advisable to chew the kola for at least two minutes before intercourse.

Is Bitter Kola good for high blood pressure patients?

This research shows that Garcinia kola has in its alcohol extract, a vasoactive substance that has a blood pressure-lowering effect.

Can you swallow bitter kola?

Yes, you can swallow and chew bitter kola.

Is Bitter Kola good for the heart?

Although, this work has revealed that Garcinia kola reducing mean arterial pressure but produced a rise in basal heart rate.

This may be caused by the compensatory response of the heart to the fall as a whole peripheral resistance as consequently of extract action on vascular smooth muscle.

Does bitter kola help sexually?

Kola seeds do not help in sex enhancing potential as claimed. However, the acclaimed pro sexual effect of Garcinia kola is scientifically not true. The research has refuted that the claim that one of the the rationales for eating the seeds by the aged population f Nigeria is to enhance sexual invigoration in males.