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6 Best Nigerian Foods For Weight Gain


Foods For Weight Gain

In these articles, you would be reading the foods for weight gain. Looking and living healthy could mean different things to people. To a large amount of the population, losing weight may help then reach a healthy lifestyle.

But, for some gain weight is what they have to be healthy. Lots of focus is certainly on weight loss, but many individuals are struggling with gaining weight. One major factor that controls our weight is what we eat. Many Nigerians have wondered which food can help them gain weight.

Well, today, I have arranged a list of six Nigerians foods for weight gain.

  • What foods help you gain weight fast?
  • What should I eat to gain weight in 10 days?
  • How can I gain weight in 7 days?

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6 Best Nigerian Foods For Weight Gain

1. Meat

Foods For Weight Gain
Foods For Weight Gain

Eating meat is mostly believed to cause weight gain, and it is true. Meat is a wonderful source of protein, and enough protein is precisely the thing you need to gain weight successfully. They are different types of healthy meat that you could eat; some examples are veal, lamb meat, chicken, and lean beef.

Include more meat to your diet, and spice it down with vegetables to make it healthy.

2. Fruits

Foods For Weight Gain
Foods For Weight Gain

They are plenty of healthy Nigerian fruits that could help you gain weight. Avocados are a good example. Avocados contain lots of healthy fat and are calorically dense. Just one avocado contains a lot more than 350 calories. It can also be filled with so many other essentials nutrients and antioxidants, making it an extremely healthy fruit for weight gain. You could add avocado to your salad to provide it much more dense calorie.

Nuts are among foods with high energy levels, and they’re undoubtedly among the healthiest of the calorie-dense food groups out there. Others include mangoes, cucumber, bananas, and walnuts.

3. Tubers

Foods For Weight Gain
Foods For Weight Gain

Tubers listed here are several foods that comprise potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yams. They are high in essential nutrients, protein, and carbohydrates. If you want to eat tubers to gain weight, include it in your daily diet. Eat cooked yam or cooked potatoes with vegetables or stew.

4.  Rice and Beans

Foods For Weight Gain
Foods For Weight Gain

I could have mentioned only rice, but when you are looking to gain weight the healthy way, rice and bean must be eaten together. A lot of Nigerians prepare beans and rice together, and it is just a healthy meal. Rice contains an abundant level of calories and carbohydrates. Beans, on the other hand, have protein and other essential nutrients your body want.

Therefore, eating them together will provide you with a high, calorie, healthy diet.

5. Smoothies and Milkshakes

Foods For Weight Gain
Foods For Weight Gain

Smoothies are perfect for weight gain. They’re healthy, simple to prepare, and most importantly, contain plenty of calories, which can help you gain weight.

Smoothies make with chocolate, peanut butter, banana, frozen yogurt, mangoes, and pineapple are good choices. Milkshakes are equally good; banana milkshake and other shakes have enough protein and carbohydrates to help you gain weight the healthy way.

6. Dairy products

Foods For Weight Gain
Foods For Weight Gain

Milk is so ideal for those hoping to gain weight. It has a large amount of protein and a good level of carbohydrates. Drink milk toom much to gain weight, like two to four times daily. Some healthy milk you may get could be the local fura da nunu, common in Northern Nigeria; this fura includes healthy, natural fat straightly gotten from the cow. Full-fat yogurt, cheese, and Pasteurized whole milk may also be a great choice. Stay away from skimmed milk too.

What should I eat to gain weight in 10 days?

  • Add Peanut Butter To Your Daily Breakfast.
  • Replace Morning/Evening Tea With Banana Shake.
  • Don’t Boil Potatoes, Bake Them.
  • Dry Dates And Milk Are Good For Gaining Weight.
  • Add Clarified Butter And Sugar To Your Daily Diet.
  • Pair Mango and Milk Together.
  • Afternoon Nap Is As Important As A Good Night’s Sleep

How can I gain weight in 7 days?

  • Use bigger plates.
  • Add cream to your coffee.
  • Take creatine.
  • Get quality sleep.
  • Don’t drink water before meals.
  • Eat more often.
  • Drink milk.
  • Try weight gainer shakes.