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Top 10 easy hairstyles you could make within 30mins


In this article we have written Top 10 easy hairstyles you could make within 30mins.

At times, you might be running late maybe for a meeting, or your kids have already delayed too much of your time that you have less than 1 hour in your hand.

Worry not! We have selected list of the hairstyle you can hopefully step out in that would demand less than 30 minus of your time so that you can look into the mirror slobber over your stunning hair.

Whether you want a casual look for going on errands or a hairstyle that’s proper for the workplace, please don’t bother yourself, we’ve got you covered. Our top ten hairstyles can be executed in 30mins or even less.

Let’s look at this awesome hairstyle without wasting our time.

  • The messy ponytail
  • The loose braid
  • Honey highlight
  • Thick bangs
  • The elegant ponytail
  • Twist & pin
  • Put a feather in it
  • The head wrap
  • The messy bun
  • The wig

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Top 10 easy hairstyles you could make within 30mins

1. The messy ponytail

The messy ponytail
Easy hairstyles

2. The loose braid

The loose braid
Easy hairstyles

3. Honey highlight

Honey highlight
Easy hairstyles

4. Thick bangs

Thick bangs
Easy hairstyle

5. The elegant ponytail

The elegant ponytail
Easy hairstyle

6. Twist & pin

Twist & pin
Easy hairstyle

7. Put a feather in it

Put a feather in it
Easy hairstyle

8. The head wrap

The head wrap
Easy hairstyle

9. The messy bun

The messy bun
easy hairstyles

10. The wig

The wig
easy hairstyles
Easy hairstyle

What hair length is most attractive?

The hair length that is most attractive for women are;

  • Long – shoulder length (52) 24.3%
  • Long – below shoulder (87) 40.65%
  • Short – above ears (1) 0.47%
  • Short – earlobe length (1) 0.47%
  • Depends on facial features (52) 24.3%
  • Not bothered (6) 2.8%
  • Short/medium – chin length (15) 7.01%

What is the most attractive hairstyle on a girl?

Pigtail braids are brave girls! we are very sure that this is one of the most attractive hairstyles on a girl and the guy will certainly feel that bounce. Rocking these hairstyles will spill the sass like confetti just as you step out.

Is it bad to trim your own hair?

Think twice about this. Some times the end result is not juicy. Even stylists go to another stylist to get their hair trimmed. I suggest that you should go see your stylist for a trim.

Does short hair look good on chubby faces?

Round faces are frequently suggested to go with longer medium cuts, however, you can choose for shorter hair too. The short tousled bob with a center part and curtain bangs is a good style choice for thin hair. The face-framing, wispy pieces keep the haircut youthful and feminine.

What haircut is best for my face shape?

The best haircuts for face shape are the following;

  • Square:  short layered bobs, side-swept bangs, Side-parted styles, long and airy layers.
  • Rectangle: rounded fringes or curtain bangs, soft and romantic chignons, waves or curls,  Layered cuts.
  • Oval: Blunt bobs and lobs with subtle layers, long waves, or curls.

What is the best hairstyle for short hair?

Just when you want to talk about a short hairstyle that is the best go for the pixie cut. It does not decide who it looks good on, it actually looks good on everyone. So, when you think and want a hairstyle that works for everyone and in all weather, go for a pixie cut.

Should I cut my own hair wet or dry?

It all depends on the tool available, a stylist might want to cut your hair when it is dry because he has dry scissors for it. I recommend that you cut your hair when it is damp.

How do I know if short hair will suit me?

The person making or cutting your hair should be able to tell but you can still measure from your ear to your chin and figure out if is below 2.25inch, then know that short hair will suit you but if it is above or equal to that, go for long hair.