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Top 10 Gorgeous Cornrows With Braid Hairstyles


Cornrows with braid hairstyles are traditional braiding styles, and it is likewise one of the most famous as well. Cornrows are flexible, and so many beautiful styles are available for you to try.

To give you some hair creativity, we have discovered ten beautiful cornrows braid hairstyles; they are short styles, long braids, and colorful hairstyles to try.

Cornrows With Braid Hairstyles
Cornrows With Braid Hairstyles


Cornrows With Braid Hairstyles
Cornrows With Braid Hairstyles
Cornrows With Braid Hairstyles
Cornrows With Braid Hairstyles

Are cornrows still in style?

Yes this amazing braids is still in style, traced back to the 90s and are still growing strong in different new styles. It is a protective hairstyle that do not put too much pressure on your scalp. It is also low maintenance.

How long can cornrows last?

It is braided to keep locked up to the scalp, to this effect it can last you to 6-8weeks.

Are cornrows a good protective style?

This hairstyle require little styling, that reduces damages on the scalp and allows the hair to grow the way it should.

What are the different types of cornrows?

There are different types of cornrows you can make with beautiful designs. Cornrows like Cornrows into a Fishtail Braid,Jumbo, Straight Back Cornrows,Goddess Cornrows,Side-Swept Braids will give you that beautiful look you desire and it doesn’t go out of fashion.

Do cornrows damage hair?

Cornrows is a protective hairstyle and does not require more styling or care after it is done, but if worn for too long can lead to frizzy and hair breakage.

Why do cornrows itch?

Cornrows itching is probably because of how tight the hair is made and this breeds dirt on the scalp. This shows that the hair needs warm washing .

Do cornrows grow hair?

Yes it does. It is a protective hairstyle that maximizes hair growth. They protect the scalp and the ends of the hair from damaging too.

Can I wet my cornrows?

Yes, you can but you should be worried about loosing its tight holds and its attractive looks.

Can you shower with cornrows?

No braids is meant to be showered with, you are not meant to wash it like you do to you normal hair. You can still wash it periodically like you do to your other braids

How long do cornrows last on white hair?

A white hair is more softer than a black person’s hair. With effect to that cornrow last 5-6week on their hair, that is if managed properly.

Can you sleep with cornrows?

Yes, you can sleep with your cornrows braids. Whatever sleeping position that is comfortable for you is fine. Just cover the hair with your hair net or bandana.

How do I keep my cornrows tight?

There are many ways to keep your cornrows braids tight. Start by protecting the hair while you sleep, avoid styles that will put strain on the scalp, Remove the flake on your scalp, oil and moisturize it gently.

Are cornrows and Dutch braids the same?

Cornrows and dutch are similar but not the same. In Dutch braids some of each portion of the hair is braided, but with cornrows all of the portion of the hair is braided to the middle of each braid. In dutch the braiding is done over instead of under with the purpose of increasing the height to look different from cornrows.