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The 5 Amazing Potential Benefits Of Fish Oil

Benefits Of Fish Oil
Benefits Of Fish Oil

In this post, we would be writing the 5 potential benefits of fish oil.

Fish oil comes from the tissues of certain types of fish. It could be consumed as part of your daily diet or as a dietary supplement. ‘Oily’ fish like Tuna, Salmon, Herring, and Mackeral are considered to be reliable dietary sources.  A whole lot has been researched and written about the benefits of fish oil in the last few years.

This is the things you would be reading in this article;

  • Potential Benefits Of Fish Oil?
  • Should I take fish oil daily?
  • Can I take fish oil at night?
  • What does fish oil do for your skin?
  • Is fish oil good for health?

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The 5 Potential Benefits Of Fish Oil

Below here are the 5 potential benefits of fish oil.

1. Can prevent Arthritis pain

Research suggests that  omega-3 could rescue pain and stiffness linked to rheumatoid arthritis. A diet full of fish oil could also increase the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs.

2. Depression and Anxiety

Several studies have suggested that levels of Omega-3 are reduced in the bloodstream of those suffering from depression. It is therefore suggested by anyone suffering from depression, to boost their intake of Omega-3 fatty acids. While more research is underway in this region,  initial results claim that Omega-3 helps boost the effectiveness of some anti-depressants as well.

3. Good for hair care

As omega-3 has anti-inflammatory properties, fish oil aids in opening up the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth thereby, making up for daily hair loss. Moreover, since Omega-3 is a healthy fat, it stops dry and flaky scalp.

4. Helps prevent the risk of heart disease

Among the remarkable benefits of fish oil is its ability to help heart health and save it from heart diseases. Omega-3 also helps in balancing the negative impact of Omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6 is present in food products like poultry, cereals, and eggs. A lot of Omega-6 in the body could make the blood thicker than it ought to be – promoting the formation of clots associated with heart diseases.

5. May support eye health

Like your brain, your eyes depend on omega-3 fats. Proof shows that people who don’t get enough omega-3s have a larger risk of eye diseases. Moreover, eye health begins to reduce in old age that may result in age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Eating fish is associated with a low risk of AMD, but the outcome of fish oil supplements is less convincing.

Should I take fish oil daily?

When taken by mouth: Fish oil is probably safe for many people when taken by mouth in low doses (3 grams or less daily). There are few safety concerns when fish oil is taken in high doses. Taking more than 3 grams each day might keep blood from clotting and can increase the possibility of bleeding.

Can I take fish oil at night?

Because of all of the benefits of fish oil are related to long-term use, you may take it any time of the day. Having said that, splitting your supplement into two smaller doses each morning and at night can lower acid reflux.

What does fish oil do for your skin?

Fish oil carries two main types of omega-3 fatty acids: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). DHA makes the brain to function properly. And EPA greatly benefits skin by regulating oil production to increase hydration and prevent acne, and by delaying the skins aging process to stave off wrinkles.

Is fish oil good for health?

Fish oil has been shown to help boost “good” HDL cholesterol, lower triglycerides (or blood fats), reduce blood pressure, prevent plaques from forming in arteries, and stave off hardening of the arteries. For all these purpose, experts believe fish oil may support the health of your heart.