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20 Amazing Lemonade Braids You Really Need To See


When life provides you with lemons, make braids. Preciously, known as side braids. Amazing lemonade braids have been around in various cultures. But, Beyonce brought them in a big way by rocking the cornrows hairstyle in the flip clip to her 2016 smash hit in the album titled Lemonade. That is where the braids received their new name coupled using their new status as one of many biggest hair trends. Both Beyonce and Solange her sister are big fans of this style braiding, and we see them sporting the style quite often, she looks amazing in them.

So, to assist you in letting everyone know that you are the Beyonce of the group we’ve rounded up the amazing lemonade braids you will want to copy.

Things you will find in this post;

  • What are the lemonade braid?
  • How long do lemonade braid last?
  • How many bags of hair do you need for lemonade braid?
  • Why is it called lemonade braid?
  • Why are my lemonade braid frizzy?
  • How do you keep braids from getting frizzy overnight?
  • Can I wash my lemonade braid in the shower?
  • How do I sleep with lemonade braid?
  • Why are my  Lemonade braids so itchy?

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20 Amazing Lemonade Braids You Really Need To See

1 Stylish side lemonade braid

Stylish side lemonade braids

2. Goddess lemonade braid

Goddess lemonade braids

3. Jumbo side lemonade braid

Jumbo side lemonade braids

4. Lemonade braid with cuffs

Lemonade braids with cuffs

5. Beyonce lemonade braid

Beyonce lemonade braids

6. Zig zag jumbo lemonade braid

Zig zag jumbo lemonade braids

7. Lemonade braids with bead

Lemonade braids with beads

8. Long lemonade braid

Long lemonade braids

9. Multicolour lemonade braid

Multicolour lemonade braids

10. Chunky lemonade braid

Chunky lemonade braids

11. Purple ombre lemonade Braid

Purple ombre lemonade braids

12. Red lemonade braid

Red lemonade braids

13. Black and blonde lemonade braid

Black and blonde lemonade braids

14. Peach blonde lemonade braid

Peach blonde lemonade braids

15. Golden swirl lemonade braid

Golden swirl lemonade braids

16. Thin lemonade braid in an updo

Thin lemonade braids in an updo

17. Long, white ombre lemonade braid

Long, white ombre lemonade braids

18. Thin lemonade braid

Thin lemonade braids

19. Lemonade braid with curls

Lemonade braids with curls

20. Thin lemonade braid with curly ends

Lemonade braids with curly ends

How long do lemonade braids last?

Lemonade braids can last from 6 to 8week. It is advised the you should take very good care of it to avoid breakage. Re-hydration is very necessary if you want to wear it much longer.

How many bags of hair do you need for lemonade braids?

X-pression by Outre pre stretched braiding hair is a very nice product. It do be nice to purchase 2-3 packs of it. Thou the number of packs depends on the length of the lemonade hair you want to make.

Why is it called lemonade braid?

It was named from the ones Beyoncé wore in her visual album in 2016. It is also a type of braid used mostly by black women to style their hair.

Why are my lemonade braids frizzy?

Lemonade hairs becomes frizzy when the hairs are crossing between braids and the parts are not neatly done. So, if you are going for braids on your natural hair or even the protective style, always look out for the parting is very Important.

How do you keep braids from getting frizzy overnight?

Anti-frizz sprays work so well. It gives it the hydration it needs all through out the night. You can as also make use of leave-in conditioner, that works too.

Can I wash my lemonade braids in the shower?

You can use some sulfate-free shampoo, oil and water to wet the hair completely. It is just the best way to keep cornrows clean. Dry the hair properly.

How do I sleep with lemonade braids?

It is better to use hair cap or hair net, it will allow you the space and comfort you need to rest well all night long.

Why are my  Lemonade braids so itchy?

Lemonade braids becomes itchy when the scalp collects dust,dead cells and sebum. I recommend that you go for longer stretches between the days you wash your hair.